Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

Dear blog reader,

 My blog is all about car restoration and how we took a 68 Mustang coupe and started to restore it in Fortuna High auto shop. This has been a bigger project than Nick and I have expected. It has stumped us in many different ways. We have also accomplished a lot. We cut most of the parts we couldn't use off and replaced them. This car is still not done; however nick will  continue working on it.

Besides that note this project has been a little bigger. However, we did learn a few different things in writing our blog. It has helped me get better at writing. Like if you  look at some of my older posts, like from the beginning of the year and compare it to a newer post they definitely get a lot better.

I also learned a few different types of writing like haikus and other creative writing skills. Without this blog, I think that I wouldn't have learned too much about writing. Like if it was normal assignments because I get to write about stuff I have a passion about. However, there are new writings I haven't learned about until this class, so it was a little harder learning so many different types of writings. In the end, I have a lot that will help me out in the real world.

these writing skills will help me out in adult hood by starting my own bigness and knowing how to be able to right about what my business is and how it will help people. This writing will also help me get approved of different companies for the different work i will do.i believe that in adulthood writing will need to be used a lot in many different ways such as homework and Repair orders. In conclusion writing will help later in life. IH

Isaac Helton

Blog Presentation NV

Dear blog reader,

  My blog is all about restoring my 1968 Mustang. I have been working hard on this blog all year, updating it every time I do something new on my car, and it has taught me different types of writing, and helped me put physical work, into my writing. 

  • Our first post was about why we chose automotive restoration. I thought the blog would fit perfect with restoring my mustang because I could update everyone on the car, while also writing about it. You can see how my writing started at the beginning of the year, short and to the point, but it gets better through out the year. 
  • February 12th I did a post about the current state of the Mustang. I cleaned, stripped and sanded the engine bay completely to get ready for paint. Next I cut out the battery box and molded in a new one because of rust issues, then  Primed the engine bay and got ready for the top coat. I sprayed the top coat gloss black.. It turned out awesome! 
  • You can see how my writing has developed in my SSR post. It has more details and is well written.
  • You can see in my free write post  a story about the Mustang. The story is very detailed and well written because I am passionate about this topic.
  • This is the current state of the Mustang

 I have a passion for cars and fixing them. I'm fully restoring my Mustang from the bottom up, replacing and fixing all the rusted parts. The car was sitting underneath a tarp in Eureka for 20 years before I started working on it. Being next to the ocean, the car rusted very easily. I tore down the engine and rebuilt it from the bottom up in my uncle’s shop, and painted it Ford blue, just like it came from the factory. The front half of the car has been the easiest to restore, I sanded, degrease, and painted the engine bay. Next I rebuilt all the steering, and front brakes. I changed the original drum brakes, to more efficient and safer disc brakes. I did this by changing over the entire spindle, which holds the bearings and all the parts to help the vehicle roll and stop. My uncle was given the disc brake conversion many years ago, so all I had to do was take it apart, and clean it up a bit before mounting it on the car. Next is the hardest and most time consuming part of the restore, the cowl panel. The cowl panel is the panel between the hood and the windshield, where the wiper arms go into the body. The cowl panel has a vent for fresh air, which is cut out on the top to let in the fresh air, what about water you say? That’s the problem. The water is supposed to run into the vent, down the lower cowl, around the fresh air vent collars, down to the lower cowl corners, and pours out the drains. The problem with this is that the water sits next to the vent collar and doesn't drain, which rusts the lower cowl panel, creating holes for the water to go through, which travels down to the floor boards and down the A pillar panel, rusting the floor boards and rusting out the A pillar, creating a very extensive and expensive repair. N.V.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whats going on with the Mustang? Well....

Many things have been happening with the mustang! As you can see in the pictures below I am replacing the passenger side A pillar panel. Its an extensive job but it must be done, due to horrible past repairs, and again rust. Everything has to be perfectly placed for the fitment of the lower cowl panel.
A pillar panel cut out on the passenger side

Navel Jelly on the rust to eat it away. (Floor board passenger side)

Old A pillar panel, you can see the extensive rust and messed up welds from the previous fix.  Below the black pen line to the right is suppose to be perfectly flat.

Inside the old A pillar, you can see the bent metal at the top where the old repair was.

This is the inside of the pillar on the car. You can see the layers and layers of Bondo on the upper left. You can barely see the metal underneath the bondo.

This is where the bottom of the A Pillar welds to the rocker panel. You can see the water ran down the pillar onto the rocker panel and began to rust.