Friday, January 10, 2014

The current state of the Mustang 2/12/14

Over the Christmas break I got a lot done on the mustang. We molded, shaped and welded in place the new battery tray. We removed the lower cowl panel, because we saw more rust underneath. Next we removed the lower side cowl panel on the passenger side,between the door jam to the firewall. This piece had extensive rust near the door jam, it also had a bad patch panel in the middle of the panel. I ordered this panel off of and just received it today. NV
Lower side cowl panel (passenger side)
After engine bay primer 

Before engine bay primer

Inside the dash with the lower cowl off

outside of  battery box

New battery tray molded and replaced and ready for paint

Upper and lower Cowl Panels out

Driver side lower piller replaced

Engine bay painted- final coat. waiting for the cowl panel to be welded in to complete painting.

The battery box still has to be completely welded

Engine stripped down and cleaned. Ready for reasemble

Cast iron intake piece welded from being broken
Cast iron intake piece welded from being broken


  1. Wow guys it looks like you have a bunch of work to do still but, I bet when you finish its going to look great. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see how it will look like in the end.

  2. Holy snap! That's a car? I bet it will look grate when you finish it! How much money do you think it will take for you to build it up? how many people do you know that have fixed their own car? Also, how will you get the money to buy the stuff you need? Anyways, it seems like you guys are doing a grate job on this and I hope that it will look good and also work. Do you hope to some day become a mechanic?

    1. Yes thats a car! So car I have spent around $1,500 on the car. Mostly spend on parts from I just Reveived the lower cowl panel yesterday. (the part that is between the window and the engine, where the wiper arms are mounted.) Now when I get it welded in, one of the hardest parts of the rebuild will be finished! Thanks! NV