Monday, April 14, 2014

4/1/14 This weeks Mustang project

This week on the car I am prepping for this weekend  to get the cowl panel welded on. I will tow the car to Eureka to my uncles house so we can weld. This week I am bedlineing the inside of the firewall, to prevent future rust and to tone down the acoustics from road noise and engine heat, and noise. Next I will flush the heater core and blow out the heater box and clean all the foam and make sure the box is free of dirt and dust. At the beginning of the week I ordered a heater plenum and heater hoses from This will complete the heating system. Once I put together the heating system, the cowl panel will be ready to be welded onto the car.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SSR NV Demographics of Enthusiast Vehicle Owners Revealed

According to Demographics of Enthusiast Vehicle Owners Revealed Mustang owners of the 2005-2013 years are typically a homeowner,who  has an annual household income of $72,115 and 68% are male.1994-2004 mustangs, 53% of owners of the SN-95/4th generation Mustang own their own home, have an annual household income of $61,741 and 62% are male. The 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro 22% of 5th generation Camaro owners are 35-44 years old, have an annual household income of $74,203 and 72% are male.


IN the article  There's Nothing 'Average 'About Mustang or its Buyers  its all about  the people that like and buy mustangs it says that there is a lower percent of woman buying mustangs . it also list the income if most people that buy mustangs have an income of $55,000 there is a 60 percent of males buy mustangs and the rest is girls with 40 percent. all this article rely talks about is what kind of people like and buy mustangs and what most people like. IH