Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whats going on with the Mustang? Well....

Many things have been happening with the mustang! As you can see in the pictures below I am replacing the passenger side A pillar panel. Its an extensive job but it must be done, due to horrible past repairs, and again rust. Everything has to be perfectly placed for the fitment of the lower cowl panel.
A pillar panel cut out on the passenger side

Navel Jelly on the rust to eat it away. (Floor board passenger side)

Old A pillar panel, you can see the extensive rust and messed up welds from the previous fix.  Below the black pen line to the right is suppose to be perfectly flat.

Inside the old A pillar, you can see the bent metal at the top where the old repair was.

This is the inside of the pillar on the car. You can see the layers and layers of Bondo on the upper left. You can barely see the metal underneath the bondo.

This is where the bottom of the A Pillar welds to the rocker panel. You can see the water ran down the pillar onto the rocker panel and began to rust.

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