Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Presentation

Dear blog reader,

 My blog is all about car restoration and how we took a 68 Mustang coupe and started to restore it in Fortuna High auto shop. This has been a bigger project than Nick and I have expected. It has stumped us in many different ways. We have also accomplished a lot. We cut most of the parts we couldn't use off and replaced them. This car is still not done; however nick will  continue working on it.

Besides that note this project has been a little bigger. However, we did learn a few different things in writing our blog. It has helped me get better at writing. Like if you  look at some of my older posts, like from the beginning of the year and compare it to a newer post they definitely get a lot better.

I also learned a few different types of writing like haikus and other creative writing skills. Without this blog, I think that I wouldn't have learned too much about writing. Like if it was normal assignments because I get to write about stuff I have a passion about. However, there are new writings I haven't learned about until this class, so it was a little harder learning so many different types of writings. In the end, I have a lot that will help me out in the real world.

these writing skills will help me out in adult hood by starting my own bigness and knowing how to be able to right about what my business is and how it will help people. This writing will also help me get approved of different companies for the different work i will do.i believe that in adulthood writing will need to be used a lot in many different ways such as homework and Repair orders. In conclusion writing will help later in life. IH

Isaac Helton

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