Friday, March 21, 2014

creative writing IH

turning and burning 
the road is slick
another turn ahead 
up shift the gear pull the e brake
flipping sideways around the corner   
drifting the stang in perfect form  


  1. Very creative poem Isaac! I like how you make drifting sound so beautiful and elegant!

  2. i really like this poem its so true! TM

  3. Hey maybe if it ever gets fixed ;-) hehe JK but really very creative poem and i like how i felt like i was in the ol stang drifting it myself. keep up the good work Z.B.

  4. You guys sound so good at it, you should go to tokyo and drift with the tokyo drift guys(fast and the furious)

  5. I'm really digging this poem. It shows your true inner passion you share for cars. I like how you can truly show yourself through your blog. Keep up the good work! :)